We have a puppy class and then training for older dogs. Please note that we classify dogs aged 8 weeks to 4 months as puppies. Any dog older than that will join our normal training classes (beginners and obedience classes).

Training Venue:

Training is held at the Mandeville Sports and Social Club. Address details and directions can be viewed on our Find Us page.

Please note that the Mandeville Dog Club and Mandeville Sports and Social Club are different entities and not affiliated to each other. Any queries related to dog training must be directed to the dog club and not the sports and social club.

Training Times:

Training takes place on Sunday mornings at the below mentioned times.

  • Puppy Training – Sundays 8:00am till 8:30am (dogs aged 8 weeks to 4 months)
  • Beginners Training – Sundays 8:00am till 8:30am
  • Obedience Training – Sundays 8:45am till 9:45am


  • R 100.00 Membership / Annual Fee
  • R 100.00 Monthly Training Fee

Upon joining the club, you need to pay the membership fee and training fee for the first month. Thereafter you pay the monthly training fee.

What to Bring for Training:

These are the items you need to bring with you to training:

  • Your dog must always be on collar/harness and lead.
  • A bowl and water for your dog.
  • Lots of treats for your dog.
  • A toy to play with.
  • Retrieval article which is not for play.
  • Mat or small towel to be used for send away. (Not required for puppy class.)
  • Small container to place treats in for send away. (Not required for puppy class.)
  • Cloth or any small article for scent work. (Not required for puppy class.)
  • A brush for your dog.
  • Plastic bags to clean up any mess.

If your dog is ill or on heat, please do not bring him/her to training until they are well or no longer on heat.