1. The object of the Club is to school and train dogs of all breeds in all aspects of obedience and ‘canine good citizen’.

2. All references to “animals” will be deemed to include dogs and bitches.

3. The Club is a non-profit making body and all funds collected from subs, fees, donations or any other source whatsoever are ploughed back into the Club for equipment, social activities and events as well as used for donations to animal welfare organizations and animal welfare initiatives. The Honorary Treasurer in conjunction with the Chairman will handle all funds collected and along with the committee determine who will receive donations.

4. The Club does not hold itself responsible for any damage or injuries sustained by any people or dogs whatsoever. The Club and the Committee deny liability for any claims that may be brought against them.

5. The Club reserves the right of admission. This is extended to people and dogs. The Club has the right to turn away aggressive dogs.

6. Monthly training fees are payable on the FIRST Sunday of every month. The Committee reserves the right to adjust the fees at any stage without prior notice.

7. All complaints must be in writing, and presented to any Committee member.

8. All dogs must be fully inoculated. (RABIES, ANNUAL COMBINATION INCLUDING PARVOVIRUS). Inoculation certificates must be presented to a Committee member on commencement of training and may be called for at any time by a Committee member or instructor.

9. No bitches in season (duration of which is about three weeks) or any sick animal will be allowed to participate in any training sessions.

10. Puppy classes are for puppies aged 8 weeks to 4 months old. Puppies aged 4 and 5 months can be assessed by the instructor as smaller breeds could be allowed to join the puppy class.

11. Dogs 4 months and older will participate in normal obedience training sessions unless determined otherwise by an instructor in terms of point 10 above.

12. No children under the age of 13 (thirteen) years will be allowed to handle a dog in a class or on the grounds unless authorized by an instructor and under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian who must be present at training at all times. Permission will only be granted in the case of puppies and/or small breeds of dogs. Any persons between the age of 13 and 18 years of age wanting to join the Club must have the consent of their parents (i.e. application forms must have parents or legal guardian’s signature.)

13. Teasing of any dog by any person will NOT be tolerated. Every handler will be responsible for preventing his/her dog from fighting with the other dogs.

14. Parents MUST ENSURE that their children are kept away from ALL dogs on the MANDEVILLE SPORTS AND SOCIAL CLUB property for their own safety.

15. Handlers must wear suitable shoes for training e.g. takkies, running shoes or walking shoes.

16. All dogs must be kept on lead AT ALL TIMES unless instructed otherwise by an instructor.

17. All leads and training collars are subject to approval by an instructor. Shock collars, prong/pinch collars, choke chains and any other pain inducing equipment are prohibited.

18. Unnecessary ill treatment of dogs is strictly prohibited. Members are not allowed to physically discipline their dogs in any form.

19. No alcoholic drinks, smoking or eating will be allowed during a training session. As training is conducted on the Mandeville Sports and Social Club premises and it is a licensed premise, no cold drinks or alcohol may be brought onto their premises. This must be purchased from their bar.

20. Grounds are to be kept clean. Every handler is responsible for cleaning up his/her dog’s faeces.

REMEMBER – Be a good citizen!